2015 Tri-Regional Conference, Indianapolis, IN, June 9-11

2015 Tri-Regional Conference Website

Unconference: Dynamic Conversations Fueled by 2015 Tri-Region Conference Attendees

(An unconference is an informal gathering that creates the opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and creativity.)

During the 2015 Tri-Region Conference conversations on a variety of topics were moderated by conference participants. Unconference attendees were welcomed to move around from table to table during the event allowing for a more fluid exchange of ideas amongst all. Discussion topics included:

• Providing Quality Customer Service While Preserving Staff Resources

• Collaborating Effectively with Outside Agencies

• Outreach: What’s Old and What’s New, Thinking Creatively

• The Future of NLS Network Services and Libraries

• Collaborative Strategies for Providing Technical Assistance for Patron Technology Support

• Change Management: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

• Patron Programming: How to Develop Great Events

• LBPH Network Wiki How-Tos and Info

The following files are notes that were taken during the table discussions by volunteers: providing_quality_customer_service_while_preserving_staff_resources.docx





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