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 +Newspaper Ads
 +Newspaper advertisements were placed in Missouri'​s rural and minority newspapers by a contract with the Missouri Press Service. ​ In 2010, Wolfner ran a 16 week ad titled "​Recapture the Joy of Reading"​ in 155 rural newspapers and five minority newspapers in St. Louis and Kansas City.  The urban newspapers'​ ad circulated to 1,434,000 Missourians each week.
 +Radio Ads
 +In March - April 2010 Wolfner used the Missouri Public Education Program (MO-PEP) to get the word out about the books and services available to the visually impaired. ​ The 30 second radio ad titled "We are here to Help" aired to over 258 radio stations covering 77 Missouri towns and cities.
 +Transit Ads
 +Wolfner expended funds for ad placements in St. Louis and Kansas City bus and metro transit systems. ​ Ads ran for 16 weeks on 50 Metro trains and 100 buses in St. Louis and 275 buses in the Kansas City area.
 +Wolfner'​s recently completed strategic plan<​http://​www.sos.mo.gov/​wolfner/​strat_plan2013-18.asp>​ gives a priority to outreach.
 +Goal Area: Outreach and Awareness
 +Goal: Wolfner Library will improve awareness of and access to the library, both physically and virtually.
 +1.     Build community partnerships with local agencies.
 +Develop partnerships with 2 new agencies each year.
 +2.     ​Increase social media presence.
 +Increase Facebook postings to 2 a week by mid-2013. Explore Twitter and YouTube presence by end of 2013.
 +3.     ​Increase visibility through traditional media advertising,​ such as radio ads.
 +Conduct 4 radio interviews each year; include television interviews if available.
 +4.     ​Create and make available promotional materials at state and national conferences.
 +5.     ​Demonstrate need for a full-time outreach employee.
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