Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertisements were placed in Missouri's rural and minority newspapers by a contract with the Missouri Press Service. In 2010, Wolfner ran a 16 week ad titled “Recapture the Joy of Reading” in 155 rural newspapers and five minority newspapers in St. Louis and Kansas City. The urban newspapers' ad circulated to 1,434,000 Missourians each week.

Radio Ads

In March - April 2010 Wolfner used the Missouri Public Education Program (MO-PEP) to get the word out about the books and services available to the visually impaired. The 30 second radio ad titled “We are here to Help” aired to over 258 radio stations covering 77 Missouri towns and cities.

Transit Ads

Wolfner expended funds for ad placements in St. Louis and Kansas City bus and metro transit systems. Ads ran for 16 weeks on 50 Metro trains and 100 buses in St. Louis and 275 buses in the Kansas City area.

Wolfner's recently completed strategic plan<> gives a priority to outreach.

Goal Area: Outreach and Awareness Goal: Wolfner Library will improve awareness of and access to the library, both physically and virtually. Objectives: 1. Build community partnerships with local agencies. Develop partnerships with 2 new agencies each year. 2. Increase social media presence. Increase Facebook postings to 2 a week by mid-2013. Explore Twitter and YouTube presence by end of 2013. 3. Increase visibility through traditional media advertising, such as radio ads. Conduct 4 radio interviews each year; include television interviews if available. 4. Create and make available promotional materials at state and national conferences. 5. Demonstrate need for a full-time outreach employee.

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