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Conference Info

The national network is organized into four regions. Libraries in each region belong to their own regional conference. Regional Conferences hold their own (or in recent years, combined) conference events every other year, on the odd year. Though, each conference also holds a meeting at each NLS Network Library Conference held every other year on the even year.

2017 Regional Conferences
2017 Western/Southern Conference
2017 Northern/Midlands Conference

2016 NLS Biennial Conference
2016 NLS Biennial Conference, San Francisco, CA, April 3-7

2015 Regional Conferences
2015 Tri-Regional Conference, Indianapolis, IN, June 9-11
2015 Western Conference, Sacramento, CA, May 12-14

2014 NLS Biennial Conference
Oklahoma City, OK, May 4-8

2013 Regional Conferences
2013 Tri-Regional Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, May 7-9
2013 Western Conference, Salem, OR, May 14–16

2012 NLS Biennial Conference
Newport, RI, May 20-24

Regional Conference Meeting Sites 1971-Present
Regional Conference Sites 1971-Present

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