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   * [[https://​www.loc.gov/​nls/​resources/​blindness-and-vision-impairment/​devices-aids/​braille-displays-notetakers/​|Braille Displays and Notetakers]]   * [[https://​www.loc.gov/​nls/​resources/​blindness-and-vision-impairment/​devices-aids/​braille-displays-notetakers/​|Braille Displays and Notetakers]]
   * [[https://​www.loc.gov/​nls/​resources/​custom-books-transcription-services/​|Braille Transcriber Directory]]   * [[https://​www.loc.gov/​nls/​resources/​custom-books-transcription-services/​|Braille Transcriber Directory]]
 +==== Braille Transcribers ====
 +Gerald Stewart\\
 +Certified in Literary braille, Nemeth Math Code; proficient in transcribing Nemeth within UEB.\\
 +Mitchell Keil\\
 +Certified in EBAE, UEB, Nemeth, NBA Textbook Formatting 1997, and NBA Textbook Formatting 2011. Sits on the NBA's Textbook Formats Committee and the NBA's Tactile Graphics Committee. \\
 ====Braille Instruction E-mail Discussion Group==== ====Braille Instruction E-mail Discussion Group====
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