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Braille Transcribers

Gerald Stewart
Certified in Literary braille, Nemeth Math Code; proficient in transcribing Nemeth within UEB.

Mitchell Keil
Certified in EBAE, UEB, Nemeth, NBA Textbook Formatting 1997, and NBA Textbook Formatting 2011. Sits on the NBA's Textbook Formats Committee and the NBA's Tactile Graphics Committee.

Braille Instruction E-mail Discussion Group

AFB's National Literacy Center is proud to support brlhelp-afb, an e-mail discussion group to promote discussion and share ideas about braille instruction.

This mailing list is open to all people who wish to ask specific questions about braille instruction or the students to whom they teach braille; to respond to requests for information; to share successful strategies that have worked in teaching braille; and to discuss resources and materials that are available. We welcome input from special education and rehabilitation teachers of braille, preschool and general education teachers of children who are blind or visually impaired, parents and other family members of blind individuals, and anyone else who is interested in promoting excellence in braille instruction.

To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to:

There is no need to add a subject or to put a message in the body of your e-mail. You will receive a message asking you to confirm that you wish to be added. Once you respond to the confirmation request, you will get a message that you have been added to the list, and giving you instructions on how to send messages, etc.

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