How to Create a Page
  • Navigate to the current wiki page you want to add the new page to.
  • Open the editing area of the current page by hovering over the menu on the right hand side and selecting the pencil icon that says Edit this Page.
  • Find where you want the new page listed, and type the name of your page in between a set of double brackets [like this but with two on each side]. Save the page that you are working on.
  • Your new page link will appear in red. Click on that link, which will take you to a page that says “This topic does not exist yet,” or “This page doesn't exist anymore.” Find the icon on the right side of the page that looks like a pencil with a plus sign that says “Create this page,” and click on it.
  • Enter content and save your new page. Add formatting as needed (slashes to make the following text appear on the next line, equal signs to create headers, etc).
  • Your link will now appear in blue on the page where you started.
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