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 \\ \\
 **__Collection Development__**\\ **__Collection Development__**\\
 **Susan Hammer-Schneider**\\ **Susan Hammer-Schneider**\\
 North Dakota Talking Book Library\\ North Dakota Talking Book Library\\
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 \\ \\
 **__Public Relations and Outreach__**\\ **__Public Relations and Outreach__**\\
 **Mary Jane Kayes** **Mary Jane Kayes**
 California Braille and Talking Book Library\\ California Braille and Talking Book Library\\
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 \\ \\
 **__Reading Technology Advisory Group (RTAG)__**\\ **__Reading Technology Advisory Group (RTAG)__**\\
 **Ivan Johnson**\\ **Ivan Johnson**\\
 Braille Institute Library Services\\ Braille Institute Library Services\\
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