Western Conference Resolutions: Rhode Island, 2012

Resolution: The Western Conference urges all NLS Divisions to notify the Network through an Operations Alert of all potential pilot projects. This is to include but not be limited to a full and complete electronic patron application and signature process. We request all NLS Divisions encourage participation of no less than two network libraries from each Conference, if interested, in each pilot project.
NLS Response: NLS strives for equitable representation of network libraries in all pilot projects. NLS will continue to explore ways, including Operations Alerts, to notify libraries about upcoming projects and solicit participation from each region.

Resolution: The Western Conference urges all NLS Divisions to be aware of the patron’s potential confusion with the bookshelf feature on the magazine cartridge and ask that a thorough test be conducted before implementation.

NLS Response: This issue is of concern to NLS and steps will be taken to determine current best practices in the network for dealing with this issue, and to share this information with the entire network, and cassette magazine readers before the conversion to digital format for magazines.

Resolution: The Western conference thanks NLS, Joel Phillips and MaryBeth Wise for the great conference in Newport and all the hard work that went into the planning and execution.

NLS Response: Thank you.

Resolution: The Western Conference thanks Rhode Island and Andrew Egan and the Rhode Island Talking Books Plus, OLIS staff for a great conference in Newport.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.
Resolution: The Western Conference welcomes Karen Keninger as the new Director of NLS.

NLS Response: Thank you.

Resolution: The Western Conference recommends that NLS add attendees’ position title to their name tags at future conferences.

NLS Response: NLS biennial conference badges currently include the following information:

  • name of attendee
  • name of organization
  • city and state
  • title of NLS conference
  • the LOC logo.

NLS conference coordinators did attempt to add position titles to attendee name badges but found that titles would not fit on the badges when using a font large enough to make the names visible from a distance. NLS will consider adding position titles on future conference badges.

Resolution: The Western Conference recommends that NLS include a conference evaluation in accessible formats beginning with the 2014 biennial conference.

NLS Response: A conference evaluation survey was distributed to all registered attendees through SurveyMonkey, an accessible survey tool. The survey was distributed July 2, July 9, and July 23. In 2014 an accessible conference-evaluation survey will be distributed to conference attendees within one week of the conference end.

Resolution: The Western Conference urges NLS to provide virtual NLS orientation training or explore alternative options for those staff members who cannot travel.

NLS Response: Considerable time and effort from all NLS sections go into providing orientation. Part of the orientation’s goal is a face-to-face meeting with NLS staff, so that network staff may see their working situations, gain an understanding of all processes, and receive a personal response to every question that is raised to clarify the understanding of each section’s responsibilities. The two “Experience NLS” one-hour sessions, where network staff can meet with NLS personnel responsible for selected topics such as accessibility, BARD, book production, and so on, cannot be reproduced virtually.

However, NLS recognizes the value of ongoing training and support for network staff and will consider new or expanded delivery methods for appropriate topics. Specific suggestions from the network would be appreciated.

Resolution: The Western Conference commends NLS on the open telephone forums and supports the continuation of the monthly forums.

NLS Response: Thank you. We are pleased that you find the telephone forums helpful and intend to continue them.

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