Western Conference Resolutions: Salem, OR 2013

Resolution: The Western Conference continues to commend NLS for the ongoing monthly telephone forums. As many listeners do not have first-hand acquaintance with NLS participants, we encourage NLS staff to identify themselves each time they are providing an answer to a question or making a comment. Likewise we would like the contracted moderator to add the name of the state to the participant’s name as they are announced from the queue.

NLS Response: NLS staff will identify themselves when responding to a question. The moderator does include the name of the caller’s library, which usually includes a state name.

Resolution: The Western Conference thanks the Braille Institute staff for its detailed minutes of the NLS monthly open forum calls.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Western Conference recommends that NLS make it a priority to provide detailed digital machine repair training, either in person or via Skype, for library staff and repair volunteers.

NLS Response: This is being considered.

Resolution: The Western Conference believes that networking and meeting new colleagues is a major component of regional conferences. We believe that the size of the conference impacts this networking. Therefore the Western Conference proposes that the regions conduct bi-regional conferences in the odd years and establish a rotating schedule of regional combinations to enhance the networking between regions. A proposed schedule:

  • Year 1 - West & Midlands; North & South
  • Year 2 – West & North; Midlands & South
  • Year 3 - West & South; Midlands & North

Repeat above schedule

NLS Response: NLS awaits the decision of the regional conferences.

Resolution: The Western Conference proposes that in joint regional conferences, the host region provides local arrangements and the visiting region provides the program planning.

NLS Response: NLS is agreeable to the consensus reached by the regional conferences.

Resolution: The Western Conference thanks Susan Westin, Joel Henderson and all the staff of the Oregon Talking Book and Braille Services for their great work on local arrangements that contributed to an informational and enjoyable conference.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Western conference thanks Danielle Miller for her service as Regional Chair from 2011–2013.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

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