Western Conference Resolutions: Oklahoma City, OK 2014

Resolution: The members of the Western Conference thank the MaryBeth Wise and Isabella Marqués de Castilla and the staff of the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for their efforts in hosting a successful national conference.

Resolution: The Western Conference continues to commend NLS for the ongoing monthly telephone forums. As many listeners do not have first-hand acquaintance with NLS participants, we encourage NLS staff to identify themselves each time they are providing an answer to a question or making a comment. Likewise we would like the contracted moderator to add the name of the state to the participant’s name as they are announced from the queue.

Resolution: Based on limited resources, it is both costly and inefficient to duplicate effort in book production. Therefore, the Western Conference request the National Library Service consult with and notify network libraries when they are going to produce a book already in process. NLS should consider leaving the production with the network library as the quality of network produced books is very high.

Resolution: Members of the Western Conference request that NLS consider shortening the length of the national conference beginning with 2016 due to significant budget and travel constraints.

Resolution: The Western Conference recommends that NLS make it a priority to provide detailed digital machine repair training, either in person or via Skype, for library staff and repair volunteers.

Resolution: The Western Conference requests a process to repair the lower numbered digital players.

Resolution: The members of the Western Conference would like to commend Debbi MacLeod on a job well done in leading the Western Conference.

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