Western Conference Resolutions: Sacramento, CA 2015

Resolution: The Western Region expresses best wishes to Linda Montgomery on her impending retirement. We are deeply grateful for her wisdom & contributions to the LBPH network and the Western Region as a former chair & conference host.

Resolution: The Western Conference thanks Mike Marlin, Mary Jane Kayes, Donna Scales and the staff of the California Braille and Talking Book Library for their great work on local arrangements that contributed to an informational and enjoyable conference.

Resolution: The Western Conference continues to commend NLS for the ongoing monthly telephone forums. As many listeners do not have first-hand acquaintance with NLS participants, we encourage NLS staff to identify themselves each time they are providing an answer to question or making a comment. Additionally, we ask that the contracted moderator add the name of the state to the participant’s name as they are announced from the queue.

Resolution: The Western Conference commends NLS for adding network produced audio books to BARD and providing the peach cartridges and containers to increase our collection thereby increasing patron access to books.

Resolution: The Western Conference requests that, beginning in 2016, NLS consider shortening the length of the national conference due to significant (network library) budget and travel constraints. While we do not presume to direct how to shorten the program, we offer these suggestions: instead of 4 sessions from the regions, reduce the number to 2 and let 2 regions team up.

Resolution: The Western Conference encourages NLS to record the 2016 National Conference sessions and post the recordings after the conference has been completed.

Resolution: The Western Conference would like to commend Debbi MacLeod on a job well done in leading the Western Conference.

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