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 +NLS has updated the tool that applies content protection (encryption) to digital talking books produced by network libraries, in accordance with copyright law for distribution of such materials to eligible individuals. Please uninstall the previous version before installing version 2.1. All network libraries that produce digital talking books must use version 2.1 of the Book Content Protection software.
 +To obtain the updated content protection tool:
 +1.    Log in to the Network Library Services website, www.loc.gov/​nls/​network.
 +2.    Under the Software and Firmware tab, select Book Content Protection (Encryption).
 +3.    Under the heading Software and Instructions for the Digital Talking Book Content Protection Software heading, select the Download Digital Talking-Book Content Protection Software link.
 +4.    Select the link Digital Talking-Book Content Protection Software Training installation instructions and user guide.
 +5.    Follow the installation instructions and user guide.
 +If you need technical assistance, please contact Phillip Carbo at phca@loc.gov.
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