Teresa's Recs

In my apparently never-ending quest to glom on to the praise and excitement that is rightly due to Kathi and the Pittsburgh LBPH crew, I offer this quick guide to the hotel area.

For those new to Pittsburgh, and perhaps wanting to explore but also a little wary, I feel like reassuring you that the area around the conference is easy to navigate.

There are two main thoroughfares through Oakland (the conference area, Pittsburgh cultural district). The conference hotel is just north of Fifth Avenue. A block or two farther south is Forbes Avenue. Part of the University of Pittsburgh campus lies between these avenues. The Carnegie Library and Museums are on Forbes. The Carnegie Mellon campus lies behind that.

The immediate area is pretty flat. If you confine your travels to Fifth and Forbes, you will pass some eateries and not get lost. Many of the great area restaurants Kathi has listed for us are on Craig Street, a few blocks to the east, with South Craig lying between Forbes and Fifth, and North Craig lying north of Fifth. To get to the great restaurants in the Strip, I think you will probably need to drive or take a taxi. The infamous Primanti Bros. eatery’s original location is on the Strip, but those who want to stay closer to the hotel can enjoy their Oakland location on Forbes Avenue.

Keep your eyes open for Central Catholic High School and the Stephen Foster Memorial, both sites on the Richard Smith Heritage Trail.

Baseball fans may be interested in knowing that part of the Pitt campus was built on the site of Forbes Field, and a segment of the outfield wall remains standing (site of Bill Mazeroski’s home run to clinch the Pirates’ win over the Yankees in the 1960 World Series). Home plate is preserved under glass in the lobby of one of Pitt’s buildings.

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