Staff Configurations


GLASS Director- duties include promotion of accessible library services for the state's public libraries

Manager, GLASS Atlanta

Assistant Manager, GLASS Atlanta

Reader Advisors (4)

Recording Studio Technician

Technology Support Librarian

Manager, GLASS Distribution Center

Assistant Manager, GLASS Distribution Center

Library Assistants (2)

Student Assistants (7- part-time student employees)

Outreach Librarian (2)

Our staffing is affected by the fact that the Reader Advisory and Recording Studio are in a public library setting in the office called GLASS Atlanta (GA1P). GLASS Atlanta is open to the public six days per week. The regional library (GA1A) is technically our materials distribution center and offers no Reader Advisory Service. The regional library mails materials to patrons across the entire state, including within the service area covered by GA1E, Georgia's only remaining sub-regional library. Additionally, our agency provides grants to staff at two public libraries for provision of GLASS services outreach to approximately one third of the state.


1 Branch Manager (Regional Librarian, Reader Advisor)
3 Degreed Librarians (Reader Advisory, other duties)
1 Electronic Tech (machines, duplication, A-D conversion)
1 Studio Manager
3 Administrative Assistants (1 clerical, 2 circulation)

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