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 +===== Southern Meeting Minutes 2012 =====
 +**Southern Regional Conference Annual Meeting Minutes**\\
 +**2012 Annual Meeting Held May 20, 2012**\\
 +**Newport, RI**\\
 +One meeting only was held by the Southern Conference at the 2012 National Conference.\\
 +Introductions were made.\\
 +The secretary’s and treasurer’s report were made and accepted.\\
 +The following representatives to the NLS Committees were made:
 +  * Craig Hayward – Audio Equipment Advisory Committee
 +  * Abby Cocanougher – Collection Development Advisory Group
 +  * Susan Whittle –Public Education Advisory Committee
 +Retirement resolutions will be prepared by Stella Cone. (No recent or impending retirements announced and there was no discussion of plaques—bp.)\\
 +The 2013 Southern Conference will be combined with the Southern and Midlands Conference, to be held in Pittsburgh, May 7 – 9, 2013. There was a discussion about sponsoring an activity, a breakfast, or a program. The suggestion was to offer to sponsor a speaker with a food component. Craig Hayward will investigate a program.\\
 +A nominating committee was formed to replace officers whose terms are ending. The committee members are:
 +  * Ava Smith
 +  * Susan Whittle\\
 +The membership discussed possible resolutions to be submitted to NLS.  Stella Cone agreed to write and submit them.
 +  * The members reviewed the Constitution and Bylaws and accepted the proposed changes.
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