• DVD/CD Mailers

From CA1A:

We've been using the following containers which are similar to DB cartridge containers in that there is a slot for a mailing card but the inside is designed for CD/DVDs. They have these in yellow and black, and the price may have gone up since 2012 when we last ordered a quantity. I suggest contacting for pricing and photos of the product:

Product: CD Mailer

Part # C02728 (Yellow)

Packaging: 90 units per box

Description: Container for mailing, storage and distribution of books and videos on CD for the blind.


Their minimum purchase is 1,080 cases which, at $2.50 per case, totals $2,700 (not including shipping).


Ophardt Hygiene Technologies Direct Line - 905-563-2770 Direct Fax - 905-563-2771

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