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 ===== Sources for Digital Cartridge Mailing Container Labels ===== ===== Sources for Digital Cartridge Mailing Container Labels =====
 +**Trend Business Solutions**\\ ​
 +28 Vernon Street, Suite 206\\
 +Brattleboro,​ VT  05301\\
 +802-257-0321 (fax)\\
 +From Tim McGrath (September 2021): We just bought 10,000 container (side & end laser labels, 24 of each per sheet) and they are very good. If anyone wants a free sample sent out, let me know, I’m happy to do that. Now that Trend has the die cast, ordering is fast, easy and inexpensive. ​ Contact: Tim.McGrath@Perkins.org or (617) 972-7377.
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