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 ==== Labeling Containers and Cartridges ==== ==== Labeling Containers and Cartridges ====
   * **[[https://nls.us.baesystems.com/picp/pbli_pkg|PBL]]** (PBL = __P__rint/__B__raille __L__abels)   * **[[https://nls.us.baesystems.com/picp/pbli_pkg|PBL]]** (PBL = __P__rint/__B__raille __L__abels)
 +{{ ::pbl_manual.pdf |PBL Manual}}
 +  * Did you know... that NLS releases updates to the PBL database on average a couple of times per month? These updates typically contain label templates for the books most recently released by NLS and also some retro “titles”. This saves the end users from always having to manually enter (by typing them in) the print and braille data for thousands of books.
 + {{ ::how_to_retrieve_nls_label_templates.pdf |How to Retrieve NLS PBL Label Templates}}
 ==== Studio/DB Production ==== ==== Studio/DB Production ====
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