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Software Downloads and Installation Instructions

The intent of this page is to share news regarding computer software that most of us use. Forthcoming release dates are posted along with links to free software and/or free software updates. This is a page for us techies!

NOTE: The page is Microsoft/desktop PC heavy but that is not the intention. Feel free to expand this to Apple, Linux and mobile technologies.

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DB Duplication

  • DTBC Write Protection Software (DTBC = __D__igital __T__alking __B__ook __C__artridge) Log in to PICS» click “Selected Reports and Documents” » find link under “Software Distribution” heading (See also instructions from 2014.)
  • Gutenberg update that will automate the transfer of multiple books onto one cartridge
  • Gutenberg Cartridge Duplicator (For use on Fedora/Linux platforms to mass-produce Digital Talking Book cartridges)

Labeling Containers and Cartridges

  • PBL (PBL = __P__rint/__B__raille __L__abels)

Studio/DB Production

Offline Installers

Offline installers are executable files that can be downloaded and used to install on computers without Internet connections. They are nice when the file is very large - like a Service Pack upgrade from Microsoft - or when a particular program is having problems downloading - like Adobe Flash not downloading because of Active X problems in Internet Explorer.

File/Folder Management

  • ExtractNow (Free tool for unzipping multiple zipped folders quickly)


  • Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) updates: CC for WINCC for Mac
  • GIMP (GIMP = __G__NU __I__mage __M__anipulation __P__rogram) - “a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows”
  • Irfanview (Free, “poor man's” image editor)

Media Players

Microsoft Windows Service Packs

  • Windows 7: SP1 (Released: March 18, 2010)
  • Windows 10: SP1 (Released: February 4, 2008) – SP2 (Released: April 28, 2009)

PDF Viewing or Creation

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat is software you purchase to create PDFs. Adobe Reader is a free program used to view and fill out PDFs.

Screen Readers

Web-based Applets

Web Browsers

Word Processing and Productivity Suites

  • Apache Open Office (Free alternative to Microsoft Office)
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Service Packs: SP1 (Released: February 25, 2014)
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