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 +===== Shipping Clerk (AZ1A) =====
 +**Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records**\\
 +**Office of the Secretary of State**\\
 +**Braille and Talking Book Library**\\
 +**Position title:** Shipping Clerk\\
 +**Location:​** 1030 N. 32nd Street Phoenix, AZ 85007\\
 +**Starting Salary:**\\
 +**Apply by:**\\
 +**Job Description Summary:** Prepare books for daily outgoing mail; accurately pull books from shelves for outgoing mail; accurately match labels to outgoing books; sort and discharge incoming books; inspect books and set aside books needing repair; maintain materials in stack areas. Charge and discharge books on KLAS computer system. Other duties as assigned.\\
 +This position is not covered by the Arizona State Merit System Rules. This position includes the comprehensive benefits available to state employees including paid vacations; paid holidays and sick leave; medical, dental, vision, and life insurance; disability insurance programs; Arizona State Retirement System participation,​ and much more.
 +**Preferred Qualifications:​**
 +  * Basic knowledge of data entry equipment; computer keyboard; numerical and alphabetical filing.
 +  * Ability to understand and follow detailed oral and written instructions.
 +  * Ability to use simple computer programs for inventory, charging and discharging procedures using a bar code reader.
 +  * Ability to work interactively with the fellow crew members and other staff.
 +  * Ability to retrieve books from floor level to above the head.  ​
 +  * Requires physical agility and stamina; excellent eyesight and hearing.
 +**How to apply:**\\
 +Applicants interested in being considered must submit their resume via email to hrjobs@lib.az.us ​
 +or through U.S. Mail:\\
 +Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records\\
 +HR Jobs\\
 +1700 W. Washington, Room 200\\
 +Phoenix, AZ 85007\\
 +An EEO/​Reasonable Accommodation Employer\\
 +[[job_descriptions|Return to Job Descriptions]]
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