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 +===== Ann Arbor Restaurant Guide ===== 
 +**North/​South Streets (listed from south to north from William St. to Washington St.)**\\ 
 +**S. Ashley St.**\\ 
 +Krazy Jim’s Blimpy Burger (legendary A2: cafeteria-style burger joint): 304 S. Ashley St.\\ 
 +Fleetwood Diner (legendary A2: 24-hour American diner known for their hippy hash): 300 S. Ashley St.\\ 
 +**Main St.**\\ 
 +Marnee Thai (Thai / beer & wine): 414 S. Main St. (just south of William St.)\\ 
 +Palio (Italian / full bar): 347 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Real Seafood Company (seafood / full bar): 341 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Prickly Pear Southwest Café (Tex-Mex / full bar): 328 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Gratzi (upscale Italian / full bar): 326 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Connor O’Neill’s (Irish pub / full bar): 318 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Jolly Pumpkin Café & Brewery (pub: craft beer, farm-to-table fare / full bar): 311 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Shalimar (Indian / full bar): 307 S. Main St.\\ 
 +Le Dog = La Soup (legendary A2: grab-n-go soups, hot dogs): 306 S. Main St., Ste. #1-E\\ 
 +The Pretzel Bell (American / full bar): 226 S. Main St.\\ 
 +bd’s Mongolian Grill (chain: stir-fry, all-you-can-eat salad bar): 200 S. Main St.\\ 
 +**4th Ave.**\\ 
 +Bandito’s (Mexican): 216 S. 4th Ave.\\ 
 +**5th Ave.**\\ 
 +Earthen Jar (self-serve vegetarian & vegan Indian): 311 S. 5th Ave.\\  
 +**Maynard St.**\\ 
 +Frank’s Restaurant (diner): 334 Maynard St.\\ 
 +Madras Masala (south Indian & Indo-Chinese):​ 328 Maynard St.\\ 
 +HopCat (chain: brew pub with a massive beer list / full bar): 311 S. Maynard St.\\ 
 +**State St.**\\ 
 +Jimmy John’s (chain: sub & club sandwiches):​ 342 S. State St.\\ 
 +Ashley’s (Irish pub: jumbo beer list including microbrews / full bar): 338 S. State St.\\ 
 +Noodles & Company (chain: global noodle dishes): 320 S. State St.\\ 
 +Red Hawk Bar & Grill (American / full bar): 316 S. State St.\\ 
 +Amer’s Delicatessen (American): 312 St. State St.\\ 
 +Potbelly Sandwich Shop (chain: sandwiches):​ 300 S. State St.\\  
 +Chipotle Mexican Grill (chain: Mexican): 235 S. State St.\\ 
 +Sava’s (local farm-to-table / full bar): 216 S. State St.\\ 
 +Taste of India (Indian & Indo-Chinese):​ 217 S. State St. B\\ 
 +Totoro Japanese (tempura, udon, sushi): 215 S. State St.\\ 
 +Ama Bistro Family Restaurant (diner with Albanian stews): 215 S. State St.\\ 
 +Buffalo Wild Wings (chain: sports bar): 205 S. State St. \\ 
 +**East/West Streets (listed from east to west from Ashley St. to State St.)**\\ 
 +**William St.**\\ 
 +Suvai Palace (Indian): 400 S. Division (entrance is off William St.)\\ 
 +NeoPapalis (Neapolitan pizza): 500 E. William St.\\ 
 +The Original Cottage Inn (pizza, subs, salads / full bar): 512 E. William St.\\ 
 +New York Pizza Depot (New York & Chicago style pizza / open until 4am): 605 E. William St.\\ 
 +Hunter House Hamburgers (American): 609 E. William St.\\ 
 +**Nickels Arcade (between Maynard St. & State St.)**\\ 
 +Babo Nickels Arcade (sandwiches,​ salads, juices)\\ 
 +**Liberty St.**\\ 
 +Spencer (seasonal locavore fare, wine, cheese & craft beer): 113 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Avalon Café & Kitchen (fancy toasts, sandwiches, small plates, bowls / beer & wine): 120 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Nagomi Sushi (Japanese): 241 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Afternoon Delight (legendary A2: sandwiches, quiche, soups, salad bar): 251 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Which Wich (chain: sandwiches):​ 301 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Jerusalem Garden (legendary A2: quick-serve Lebanese fare, Turkish coffees): 314 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Isalita (Mexican / full bar): 341 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Mani Osteria & Bar (wood-oven pizza, Italian small plates / full bar): 341 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Ginger Deli (grab-n-go Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, noodles): 303 S. Division St. (at Liberty St.)\\ 
 +Bar Louie (chain: American / full bar): 401 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Tios Mexican Café & Tequilla Bar (Mexican / full bar / open until 2am): 401 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Tomukun Korean Bar beque (Korean / beer): 505 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Tomukun Noodle Bar (ramen, udon, pho, stir-fry / full bar): 505 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +TK Wu (Chinese): 510 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Taste Kitchen (refined American / full bar): 521 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Knight’s (burgers, steaks, soups, salads / full bar): 600 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Slurping Turtle (chic Japanese / full bar): 608 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Salads Up (salads): 611 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +Pieology Pizzeria (chain: pizza): 620 E. Liberty St.\\ 
 +**Washington St.**\\ 
 +Grizzly Peak Brewing Co. (American, craft beer / full bar): 120 W. Washington St.\\ 
 +Frita Batidos (Cuban street food / full bar): 117 W. Washington St.\\ 
 +Café Zola (European: crepes, sandwiches, salads / full bar): 112 W. Washington St.\\ 
 +Arbor Brewing Company (American, craft beer / full bar): 114 E. Washington St.\\ 
 +Amadeus Restaurant (café: Polish, Hungarian, Austrian fare / beer & wine): 122 E. Washington St.\\ 
 +Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery (American brewpub / full bar): 207 E. Washington St.\\ 
 +Aventura (tapas / full bar): 216 E. Washington St.\\ 
 +Babo @ Fred’s (upscale prepared foods, groceries / wine & beer): 403 E. Washington St.\\
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