Reader (AZ1A)


The reader translates the written word to the spoken word in a way that is as consistent as possible with the intent of the author.


  1. Achieving a presentation that conveys the artistic, emotional, and intellectual range of the text.
  2. Conveying the sense of the text by handling the reading in the manner most appropriate to the needs of the text.
  3. Ensuring correct pronunciation, which requires research in applicable sources as well as judging when common usage should take precedence over correct dictionary pronunciation, especially in novels.
  4. Handling characterization appropriately and consistently, without underplaying or overplaying.
  5. Reading the text without commenting on attitudes and opinions expressed by the author.
  6. Achieving and maintaining a presentation that is consistent throughout all recording sessions.
  7. Writing accurate, concise descriptions for illustrations, graphs, charts, and tables when such graphic elements appear in the text.


  • Good vision and hearing.
  • Ability to pass a narration audition.
  • Fluency in the language in which the text is printed.
  • Ability to work well with others and to accept critiques from the director, reviewer, studio manager and volunteer manager.
  • Discipline to achieve and maintain consistent narration performance for all recording sessions.
  • Ability to use dictionaries and other reference sources.


  • Minimum of two 2-hour practice sessions in the studio.
  • Listening to a minimum of two AZC recorded books.

Recording commitment two hours, once a week at the same time each week for a minimum of six months additional time for home preparation, varies greatly depending upon the book.

The reader works under the supervision of the studio manager, who assigns tasks, sets priorities, and provides guidance on matters of studio policy.

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