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 {{::​rating_template_2019-07.xls|Rating Reporting Template 2019 (CO1A)}}\\ {{::​rating_template_2019-07.xls|Rating Reporting Template 2019 (CO1A)}}\\
 {{::​rating_unrated_books_-_joining_the_process_2017.docx |Rating Unrated Books- Joining the Process (CO1A)}}\\ {{::​rating_unrated_books_-_joining_the_process_2017.docx |Rating Unrated Books- Joining the Process (CO1A)}}\\
-{{:NetworkBookRatings07162020.xls|Network Book Ratings ​as of 07/01/2020 (KS1A)}}\\+{{:NetworkBookRatings12312020.xls|Network Book Ratings ​2014 through ​2020 (KS1A)}}\\ 
 +{{:​2021NetworkBookRatings08312021.xlsx|2021 Comprehensive Network Book Ratings (KS1A)}}\\ 
 +{{:​August2021ratings.xlsx|Network Book Ratings for August 2021 (KS1A)}}\\
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