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 [[https://​twitter.com/​AZTalkingBooks| Arizona Talking Book Library (Arizona)]]\\ [[https://​twitter.com/​AZTalkingBooks| Arizona Talking Book Library (Arizona)]]\\
 ==== Library Blogs ==== ==== Library Blogs ====
-[[http://​wlbpd.aadl.org/​|Washtenaw Library for the Blind & Physically Disabled @ AADL (Michigan)]]\\ 
 [[http://​nclbphnews.wordpress.com/​|NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (North Carolina)]]\\ [[http://​nclbphnews.wordpress.com/​|NC Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (North Carolina)]]\\
 [[http://​nhtalkingbooks.blogspot.com/​|New Hampshire Talking Books (New Hampshire)]]\\ [[http://​nhtalkingbooks.blogspot.com/​|New Hampshire Talking Books (New Hampshire)]]\\
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