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-{{::bard_flyer.doc|}} +===== Flyers ===== 
-We put these flyers into shipping boxes for DTBMs.+ 
 +{{::bard_flyer.doc|BARD Flyer}} & 
 +{{::bard_mobile_flyer2.doc|BARD Mobile Flyer}} (CA1A) - We put these flyers about BARD into the shipping boxes for DTBMs. \\ 
 +{{:wlbpdservicesrevb12-12.pdf|Services Flyer}} (MI1B)\\ 
 +[[http://georgialibraries.org/glass/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/GLASS-Flyer-06-2015.pdf|Services Flyer]] (GI1A) used for general promotion\\ 
 +{{::andrew_heiskell_bookmarks_new.docx|Talking Book Bookmarks}} (NY1A)\\ 
 +{{::services_for_people_with_print_disabilities_color_final.pdf|Services for People with Print Disabilities}} (NY1A)\\ 
 +{{::trouble_seeing_text.docx|Trouble Reading Text?}} (NY1A)\\
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