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 Price: $639.91 (For 4,000 in 2012).\\ Price: $639.91 (For 4,000 in 2012).\\
 {{:​lgprintbooklabel.pdf|MI1B Large Print Book Label}}\\ {{:​lgprintbooklabel.pdf|MI1B Large Print Book Label}}\\
 {{:​wlbpdbookmark.pdf|MI1B Bookmark}}\\ {{:​wlbpdbookmark.pdf|MI1B Bookmark}}\\
 +==== Idaho Talking Book Service (ID1A) ====
 +This bookmark is shared with public libraries to insert in large print books as they are checked out in an effort to alert potential users or their caregivers about the Talking Book Service.
 +{{ :​wiki:​tbs-bookmark_copy.pdf |Large Print Bookmark}}\\
 +==== Texas State Library and Archives Commission Talking Book Program (TX1A) ====
 +{{ ::​large_print_bookmark.pdf |Large Print Bookmark}}\\
 +{{ ::​senior_resources_.pdf |Senior Resources Bookmark}}\\
 +{{ ::​student_resources_for_reading_disability.pdf |Student Resources for Reading Disability Card}}\\
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