Northern Conference Resolutions: Pittsburgh, PA 2013

Resolutions of Action

Resolution: Whereas the regional and sub-regional libraries are seeking ways to reduce the physiological impact of digital book inspections, and whereas new technologies are becoming more affordable, and, whereas there is a cost advantage to purchasing large quantities of supplies for all books produced for NLS;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference recommends that NLS pursue the use of radio frequency ID tags to apply to all digital book cartridges and matching cases at the time of production, and also that NLS should review their excess process to take advantage of the potential to reuse the RFID tags on cartridges and cases that are recycled within the program.

NLS Response: NLS studied the provision of RFID technology when the cartridge and DTB players were being developed. For reasons of cost, reliability, and low network library utilization of RFID, this was not included in the final design. NLS engineering will re-examine the question if these factors have become more favorable since the player was designed.
The last part of the resolution regarding the XESS process is not predicated on RFID technology and could be implemented with the existing unique barcode.

Resolution: Whereas thousands of titles are available on BARD that have not been sent to all regional libraries; and,

Whereas it is the responsibility of regional libraries to provide equity of service; and,

Whereas library users must be encouraged to understand and use all possible options available through the NLS and regional libraries;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference urges NLS to provide network libraries with blank digital cartridges.

NLS Response: This is not feasible at this time.

Resolution: Whereas NLS has already implemented a plan for network libraries to de-access titles on cassette; and,

Whereas the network libraries wish to continue to de-access those titles in an expedient manner;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference recommends NLS issue a time table for the remainder and the expected completion of the de-accession of the cassette collection, and release regional libraries from the requirement of holding one copy of every title, thereby allowing regional librarians to use their own discretion in the de-accessioning process.

NLS Response: The timetable for reduction of the RC collections outlined in Network Bulletins 11-22 and 12-08 is still in effect. As professional librarians are trained and experienced in the principles of collection development, NLS does expect each network library to determine the number of copies of each title to be retained to meet their patrons’ reading needs. Libraries are free to retain RC titles beyond 2015 that are needed to meet reader needs.
Per Operations Alert 13-36 regional libraries are only required to retain one copy of each RC title that has not been converted to a digital format.

Resolution: Whereas the NLS is responsible for providing the digital talking book machine; and,

Whereas there is a long standing battery/charging issue with the NLS digital machines; and,
Whereas network libraries do not have the resources or staff to continually replace and try to “fix” these issues; and,

Whereas most network patrons are dependent on these machines to listen to their books and magazines; and,

Whereas network library patrons are being provided with poor service when they have to continually exchange their machines because of battery/charging issues;

Therefore, be it so resolved that the Northern Conference urges NLS to diagnosis and repair the battery/charging issues to insure that all network libraries, sub-lending agencies, and patrons receive fully operational equipment, and to provide network libraries with replacement batteries.

NLS Response: The design of the battery system in the DTB was a compromise between available technology, cost, and regulatory/safety constraints. By their nature batteries have a limited life and will deteriorate over time. There are several practices that NLS has recommended to network libraries to prolong the life of the battery, and these should be followed. The early production lots of the DTB player were not able to recharge batteries that had completely depleted, and the NLS Engineering Section is evaluating a retrofit for these players. NLS Engineering staff is also working to equip volunteer repair groups with battery analyzers for these NiMH batteries. As with the C1, replacement batteries are available from NLS as parts.

Resolution: Whereas the transition to digital audio services has been successful, welcomed by both patrons and network library staff alike; and,

Whereas transitioning to upgrades or replacements to equipment has significant impact on network libraries’ resources;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference urges NLS to survey the network extensively about the types of changes and/or upgrades before making any decisions; and,

Therefore, be it also resolved that the Northern Conference strongly urges NLS to make a move toward universally accessible equipment with encryption to protect copyright while using equipment production funds for an increase in the number of titles produced in digital audio.

NLS Response: NLS will take this resolution under consideration in future decision making.

Resolutions of Appreciation

Resolution: Whereas there are over 50 regional network libraries and several sub-regional libraries in the United States and its territories; and,

Whereas many of the functions, duties, situations, problems, and concerns faced by these libraries are common to many or all; and,

Whereas reinventing the wheel is very time-consuming;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference of Libraries for the Blind & Physically Handicapped commends the Midlands Conference and the Washtenaw Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled in particular, for setting up a online repository for documents from all Libraries for the Blind & Physically Handicapped relating to several areas of common interest, available to all libraries of the network; and,

Be it also resolved that the Northern Conference of Libraries for the Blind & Physically Handicapped commends the Oregon State Library for hosting the LBPH listserv, which is the original and still viable means of electronic information-sharing across the network.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: Whereas the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped seeks to reach the widest possible population of those persons that it may serve; and,

Whereas the network of libraries strive to provide access to services through referrals by professionals of various agencies and fields;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference of Libraries serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped wishes to commend the NLS for allowing the electronic transmittal of applications.

NLS Response: Thank you.

Resolution: Whereas the 2013 Tri-Regional Conference of Librarians Serving Individuals with Visual and Physical Disabilities was well-attended and successful; and,

Whereas, during the conference, ideas flowed as smoothly as spirits;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference issues its appreciation to their colleagues in the Southern and Midlands Conferences for their participation in the preparation and performance of the conference in Pittsburgh.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: Whereas Sylvia Dye, Dorothy Moore, Ruth Nussbaum, Carolyn Sung, Deborah Toomey, and David Whitall have worked for NLS for many years; and,

Whereas many of us in the LBPH network have gotten to know them well;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Northern Conference of Libraries for the Blind & Physically Handicapped thanks them for their service and wishes them well in their retirements from NLS.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

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