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 [[http://​www.michigan.gov/​lara]]\\ [[http://​www.michigan.gov/​lara]]\\
-**__Vice-Chair ​2017-2019__**\\ +**__Vice-Chair ​2018-2019__**\\ 
-**Linda Vincent**\\ +**Kevin Treese**\\ 
-Management Librarian\\ +Programs Manager / Director\\ 
-Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille ​Library\\ +Oklahoma ​Library ​for the Blind and Physically Handicapped\\ 
-MilwaukeeWI\\ +Oklahoma CityOK\\ 
-(414286-3010\\ +(405522-0516\\ 
-[[lvince@milwaukee.gov]]\\ +[[olbph@okdrs.gov]]\\ 
-[[http://dpi.wi.gov/talkingbooks]]\\ +[[http://www.olbph.org/dir/]]\\ 
 \\ \\
 **__Secretary 2017-2019__**\\ **__Secretary 2017-2019__**\\
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