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Midlands Conference Resolutions: Newport, Rhode Island 2012


Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank Andrew Egan and the staff of the Rhode Island Talking Books Plus for their efforts as the host site for the 2012 NLS Conference of Librarians serving the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank MaryBeth Wise and Joel Phillips for all their conference planning and organization. It was another successful conference.

NLS Response: Thank you.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members resolve to congratulate Karen Keninger on her appointment as NLS Library Director. We welcome your leadership and look forward to working with you to expand and improve library services.

NLS Response: Thank you. I am honored by your support and look forward to working with you in the coming years.

Resolution The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank the Viking Hotel management and their staff for their gracious service and wonderful accommodations.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank Keystone Systems, Inc. for the lovely reception at the Newport Art Museum.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank all conference presenters for providing informative, enlightening and entertaining presentations.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members resolve to thank all retired and retiring Midlands network library staff, including, but not limited to Beverly Babcock (Michigan), Jim Buchman (Ohio), Kathy Kelto (Michigan) and William Graczyk (Wisconsin). Their dedication and contributions to this service is deeply appreciated.

NLS Response: NLS concurs.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members recommend that NLS consider allowing network libraries to take 3% of their copy allotment in blank cartridges either in full case lots or added as a percentage to each state's interlibrary quota allotment available through the Multistate Centers. Network libraries will be required to erase all their locally-produced content and copy-protection software for any cartridge returned during a recall.

NLS Response: NLS anticipates beginning a DB quota duplication program at the MSCs similar to the RC quota duplication program. This should assist network libraries in adding physical DB copies to their collections to meet ongoing local patron demand. Details and quarterly quantities are still being determined. Please note that interlibrary loan of digital books is currently available to the network for all DBs without quota limitations.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members recommend NLS research a design for a portable, inexpensive, refreshable braille display to be used with web-braille materials.

NLS Response: NLS eagerly anticipates new technologies that will make this possible.

Resolution: Midlands Conference Members recommend that network libraries be given the option to order in advance XESS cards as needed through the Multistate Centers.

NLS Response: This option cannot be offered.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members recommend that series be completed regardless of negative reviews.

NLS Response: NLS intends to complete series and does not exclude series titles because of bad reviews. It is conceivable that a series could become so dismal— for example, the continuation of a series by ghost writers following the death of the author of the original line—that we could call a halt to purchasing the books; but even this is unlikely if the demand for the books remains even moderately strong.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members recommend that NLS add more religious fiction and romance fiction without sex including concentrating on converting from A/D existing titles in the collection that meet these criteria. (Collection Development Section)

NLS Response: A Collection Development Section librarian discussed this issue with romance publishers and authors at a number of library and publishing conferences this spring. There are few romances, beyond those in the inspirational subgenre, that do not include sex at this point in time because of poor sales. Publishers do not expect this trend to change in the near future. Conversion of analog to digital titles of religious fiction and romances without descriptions of sex will be high on our priorities list.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members recommend the NLS remove the requirement that an Advisory/Outreach Center (AOC) be a subregional library first. In addition, the Midlands Conference Members recommend that regional libraries have the option to determine work flow processes at each AOC, including read/write access to CMLS transactions in NLS WebNet.

NLS Response: At this time, NLS is confident that an AOC that was a subregional library will have the highest level of expertise in this service and will fully understand the complexity of the service offered by network libraries. The reader-advisory services offered by network libraries differ substantially from public libraries as readers may not directly contact the library for information and support. New staff members at network libraries have a steep learning curve regarding the details of this service for books, magazines, BARD, book-selection tools, etc. NLS believes that at this time, while the AOC concept is still developing, the requirement to be a former subregional is prudent. To assure full patron service, another requirement is that all AOCs have complete access to the regional library’s shared database. AOCs can maintain patron reading records, correct addresses, and add magazine services through the regional library’s circulation system. Returned material from Data Management regarding patron information will go to the regional library and may be shared with the AOCs and corrected by them in the library’s shared database if the regional library so determines. If the regional library wants the AOC to have read/write access to CMLS, that can be arranged. Contact your network consultant to discuss possibilities.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members request that the NLS consultant biennial visit questionnaire be an online refillable form. (Network Services Section)

NLS Response: This is in process. Both the ALA Questionnaire and the Machine Lending Agency Review forms will be available as PDF files that may be completed and saved. An operations alert will be sent announcing where these forms may be found on the Network Library Services website ( when this is completed.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members request that documentation from Network Library of the Year Award and the Network Subregional Library of the Year Award applications and supporting materials be made public so other network libraries can emulate the award winner’s “excellence, innovation, and special achievement in providing library service to blind and physically handicapped individuals.”

NLS Response: All libraries that have been nominated for library of the year are free to share their documentation with other network libraries. The key accomplishments of each winner have been shared every year in a press release announcing the winners and this has also been covered in NLS News. NLS is preparing an article on the network library of year the awards from 2004 to 2012. So far fourteen libraries in ten states have received this honor.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members request that NLS support by means of approval, the Midlands development of a LBPH Network Libraries Wiki, an online repository for shared network library-generated information to be presented at the 2013 Midlands/Northern/Southern combined conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Potential content may include, but not be limited to: Midlands, Northern, Southern, and Western conference portals for storing meeting schedules, agendas, minutes, and resolutions; automation system portals for storing user-guides and updates; staffing support in the form of training tools and resources; outreach strategies, demographics, partnerships, and programs; examples of documentation supporting NLS standards such as local policies, patron correspondence, and patron satisfaction surveys; readers' advisory; Braille services and resources; youth services and resources; digital duplication and local recording; Loblolly updates; assistive technologies; and supplemental support services and resources.

NLS Response: NLS supports the creation, maintenance, and utilization of a network-based wiki by network staff. Some of the items mentioned are already included on the NLS Network Library Services website. Collaboration should be maintained to reduce duplication and to conserve resources in these times of staffing reductions.

Resolution: Midlands Conference Members request that NLS update the Machine Lending Manual and place it online.
NLS Response: The Materials Development Division will update the manual and make it available online.

Resolution: Midlands Conference members request the NLS to institute a reexamination of the reading disability eligibility requirements, 36 CFR 701.6(b), in light of currently accepted medical understandings and practices. The Library of Congress is the federal authority charged with promulgating eligibility regulations, see 17 U.S.C. § 121(d)(2) and 2 U.S.C. § 135a. The National Library Service/Library of Congress is the appropriate authority to undertake a review to ensure its implementing regulations are current, taking into account medical advances in understanding and diagnosing reading disabilities that have occurred since medical experts were last consulted in 1974.

NLS Response: NLS is examining this issue.

Resolution: Midlands Conference Members request NLS supply additional blue mailing containers above the 200/month limit to network libraries able to purchase blank cartridges to duplicate needed books off BARD.

NLS Response: Grey containers are manufactured and available to network libraries for purchase for the purpose of augmenting local collections. The blue containers are manufactured expressly for NLS. These are used by the producers for new books and supplied to the Multistate Centers for network libraries to replace digital book containers damaged in mail circulation. The current maximum limit is two hundred per month per library. More than fifteen thousand blue DB mailing containers have been supplied to forty-three network libraries. The supply has been steady and the demand has been high. It may take several more years for them to be as plentiful as the green containers were in the latter days of analog. Still we will look into ways to make more available.

Resolution: The Midlands Conference Members request a response to all regional resolutions within three months of receipt.

NLS Response: NLS will respond within three months of receipt of the date that all conference resolutions are received. Resolutions were requested to be sent to NLS by June 15, 2012. The Midlands Conference resolutions were received June 18, 2012. Northern and Western Conference Resolutions were received June 26, 2012. The last resolutions were received July 12, 2012.

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