Midlands 2016 Business Meeting Agenda

2016 NLS Conference
Sunday, April 3, 2016
3:45pm - 5:00pm

I. Attendance and Sign-In

II. Approval of Minutes from the 2015 Business Meeting

III. Treasurer’s Report – Scott Norris

IV. Committee Reports

  • Collection Development Advisory Group – Laura Williams, IN
  • Public Education Advisory Group – Sammie Willis, OK
  • Reading Technology Advisory Group – Sharon Ruda, IL and Sarah Willeford, IO

V. Update on the 2017 Regional Conference Invitation with Northern Conference

VI. Bylaws Update

  • Revision of the discovered bylaws from 1995.
  • Revisit Voting
    1. Review and consensus of current roster versus one vote per state.
    2. Voting system: discussion of system for casting votes that is inclusive for those who cannot attend business meetings.

VII. New Business

  • Resolutions
  • Other
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