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List of Magazines Available on Digital Cartridge

ALL magazines available on digital cartridge are also available for download from BARD

Magazines for Adult Readers

  • [AMH4] American History: [bimonthly] presents articles for the general reader about the full spectrum of the history of North America
  • [ANA4] Analog Science Fiction & Science Fact:
  • [AMO4] The Atlantic:
  • [EAT4] Bon Appetit:
  • [CRP4] Consumer Reports:
  • [DBF4] Diabetes Forecast:
  • [DIS4] Discover:
  • [EBN4] Ebony:
  • [EQM4] Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine:
  • [FAF4] Foreign Affairs:
  • [GHK4] Good Housekeeping:
  • [HNN4] Health & Nutrition Newsletters:
  • [HOR4] Horticulture:
  • [MOM4] Magazine of the Month:
  • [MNY4] Money:
  • [NAT4] The Nation:
  • [NGG4] National Geographic:
  • [NRV4] National Review:
  • [NYB4] The New York Times Book Review:
  • [OTL4] Outdoor Life:
  • [PEO4] People:
  • [QST4] QST:
  • [REA4] Reader's Digest:
  • [CPZ4] Smart Computing:
  • [SPI4] Sports Illustrated:
  • [STR4] Sound and Vision:
  • [TAL4] Travel & Leisure:
  • [TWT4] True West:
  • [TWK4] The Week:
  • [WRT4] The Writer:

Music Magazines

  • [XST4] Contemporary Soundtrack:
  • [XMM4] The Musical Mainstream:
  • [QMM4] Quarterly Music Magazine:

Magazines for Children and Young Adults

  • [NGW4] Cricket and National Geographic Kids:
  • [SPD4] Spider: The Magazine for Children:
  • [SPK4] Sports Illustrated for Kids:
  • [ODY4] Odyssey:
  • [YAM4] Young Adult Magazine of the Month:

Foreign Language Magazines

  • [BUE4] Buenhogar (Spanish):
  • [BRD4] Das Beste aus Reader's Digest (German):
  • [JFA4] Journal Francais (French):
  • [PES4] People en Espanol (Spanish):
  • [SRD4] Selecciones del Reader's Digest (Spanish):
  • [SDR4] Selections du Reader's Digest (French):
  • [VAN4] Vanidades (Spanish):
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