Library Automation Systems

WebREADS (LOC Data Management)

WebREADS User Libraries:

  • Arkansas (AR1A)
  • California (CA1B)
  • District of Columbia (DC1A)
  • Kentucky (KY1A)
  • Michigan (MI1A, MI1B, MI1D, MI1E, MI1F, MI1G, MI1H, MI1I, MI1K, MI1M, MI1N, MI1O)
  • New Jersey (NJ1A)
  • North Dakota (ND1A)
  • Pennsylvania (PA1A and PA2A)
  • Texas (TX1A)
  • Virginia (VA1A, VA1B, VA1C, VA1E, VA1H, VA1J and VA1L)

READS (Reader Enrollment and Delivery System)

READS User Libraries:

  • Alaska (AK1A)
  • Connecticut (CT1A)
  • Hawaii (HI1A)
  • Maine (ME1A)
  • Nebraska (NE1A)
  • New Hampshire (NH1A)
  • Puerto Rico (PR1A)
  • Tennessee (TN1A)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (VI1A)
  • West Virginia (WV1A, WV1C, WV1E and WV1F)

The NLS Music Section (LC*6), NLS Network Services Section (LC*3), and both Multi-State Centers also use the READS system.

The toll free hotline for READS support is: (800) 577-3237.

KLAS (Keystone Library Automation System)

KLAS User Libraries (*server hosted by Keystone):

  • Alabama (AL1A, AL1E and AL1I) - Web OPAC
  • Arizona (AZ1A*)
  • California (CA1A, CA1C and CA2A)
  • Colorado (CO1A) - "NEW" Web OPAC
  • Delaware (DE1A*)
  • Florida (FL1A*, FL1B*, FL1C*, FL1D*, FL1F*, FL1G*, FL1H*, FL1J*, FL1K*,FL1L* and FL1M*)
  • Georgia (GA1A*, GA1E*, and GA1P*) "NEW" Web OPAC
  • Idaho (ID1A) - "NEW" Web OPAC
  • Illinois (IL1A*, IL1I*, IL1L* and IL1R*)
  • Indiana (IN1A, IN1B, IN1E and IN1H)
  • Kansas (KS1A*, KS1B*, KS1C* and KS1F*)
  • Louisiana (LA1A)
  • Maryland (MD1A*)
  • Massachusetts (MA1A* and MA1B*) - "NEW" Web OPAC
  • Minnesota (MN1A*) - Web OPAC
  • Mississippi (MS1A)
  • Missouri (MO1A)
  • Montana (MT1A)
  • Nevada (NV1A*)
  • New Mexico (NM1A)
  • New York (NY1A, NY1B and NY2A)
  • North Carolina (NC1A*) - Web OPAC
  • Ohio (OH1A*)
  • Oklahoma (OK1A*)
  • Oregon (OR1A)
  • Rhode Island (RI1A*)
  • South Carolina (SC1A*)
  • South Dakota (SD1A)
  • Utah (UT1A)
  • Vermont (VT1A*)
  • Virginia (VA1I*) - "NEW" Web OPAC
  • Washington (WA1A*)
  • Wisconsin (WI1A)

Keystone Systems provides its own online user support:

CUL (Consortium of User Libraries)

Consortium of User Libraries (CUL) Software is a patron-centric, highly personalized automation system used by seven regional LBPHs in six states – one with subregional libraries and AOCs – for registration, circulation, equipment inventory, and related operations.

The Consortium of User Libraries itself is a cooperative nonprofit organization made up of network libraries for the blind and physically handicapped (LBPHs) to develop and share an ongoing automation system for delivery of NLS services in their respective service areas. The payment of each CUL member library’s dues provides technical support and software maintenance, a voting right for each paying member, and the freedom as a group to decide on modifications and enhancements to the software. In addition, the cost of one attendee to the annual CUL meeting is included.

CUL User Libraries:

Independent Systems

Libraries using their own automation systems:

  • Iowa (IA1A)
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