If a patron expresses they no longer wish to remain active in the service, please take a moment to ask them if it has anything to do with how the service is set up for them (is there anything we can do that would make them happier with the service?)

  1. Select Notes from the Profile Menu
  2. Add a Note about why the patron has been inactivated.
  3. Email with the patron's name and birth date and the date the WLBPD patron chose to deactivate his/her WLBPD account. If someone else has requested the deactivation, please include that person's name in the email.

NOTE: If a patron is moving to an address outside of Washtenaw County, this is considered a transfer. Please see Patron Transfers.

How to update the CUL Status:


  1. Select Basic from the Demographic Menu.
  2. Select <strong>Inactive</strong> in the <strong>Overall Status</strong> field and update the <strong>Overall Status </strong> to today's date.
  3. Select the <strong>Cancellation Type</strong> (The <strong>cancellation type</strong> is always <strong>C.</strong>) and update <strong>Cancellation Type Date</strong> to today's date.
  4. Click the <strong>Update</strong> button to change the status to <strong>permanent</strong>.
  5. After you click the update button, the CMLS changes to <strong>Suspend</strong>.
  6. When you close the panel you'll receive a pop-up window asking if you'd like to start the Machine Retrieval Process. If the patron has returned ALL of their equipment in-person, you may click “no”. Under ALL other circumstances, please click “yes.” The Machine Retrieval Process triggers a letter and a mailing label to be sent to the patron with return instructions. The letter also includes information on who to call if they need a new box or shipping labels.

Return Equipment:

  • If the patron is in front of you returning equipment at a branch location, please see Returning Equipment.
  • If you are helping a patron over the phone, check the patron's equipment status in CUL.
  1. Select Equipment from the Services Menu.
  2. Let the patron know if they have a Cassette (C01) or Digital Player (DS1 or DA1) that should be returned. If a patron claims that they do not have the equipment listed on their account, please email with this information.

The patron can either drop off the equipment at any library location or return the equipment through the mail. If they want to mail the equipment:

  • If they have the original box along with a mailing label: they may simply send it back.
  • If they have the original box, but are missing the return mailing label:

::1) you may obtain a return mailing label from Circulation and mail it to the patron, or ::2) you may email: with a request that a label be mailed to the patron. Please be specific in your email by including the patron's name and what you're requesting.

  • If they can't find the original box: email to request a box and return label be mailed to the patron. Please be specific in your email by including the patron's name and what you're requesting.

Return Materials

 - [[Searching for a Patron|Look up a patron]]
 - Check the [[Review Items Sent|Now Has List]]
 - Ask the patron to return all their materials.
:If they need mailing cards: Circulation has blank WLBPD address cards from circulation that you may mail to the patron. Send an email to to request for WLBPD cards to be sent to the patron.

Magazine Service

Patrons do not need to return any magazines.

  1. Check the WLBPD Magazines subscriptions. If so, inform the patron that magazines may continue to arrive for up to two months.
  2. CMLS is suspended when the patron status is updated to inactive.


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