You can now subscribe to magazines on BARD. Subscribing to a magazine means that the latest issue of that magazine will be added to your wish list automatically as soon as it becomes available. You can subscribe to as many magazines as you like and can unsubscribe at any time. You can also choose to receive email notifications when magazines are added to your wish list.

Here's how to subscribe to a magazine:

1. Log into your BARD account.

2. Go to the Magazines by Title combo box, which is just below the heading that says, “Magazines by title.”

3. Choose the magazine to which you want to subscribe.

4. Tab to the Go button, and press Enter. A page listing recent issues of your chosen magazine opens. There is a level 1 heading at the top of the page with the same name as your chosen magazine.

5. Just below the magazine title heading is a Subscribe button. Press Space on this button to activate it. A screen opens notifying you that you have been subscribed. This screen also includes a “Back to magazine listing” link, which returns you to the main page for your magazine, and an “E-mail notification options” link.

If you choose the “Back to magazine listing” link, you'll return to the main page for your magazine and will find that the Subscribe button has become an Unsubscribe button. If you choose this button, new issues of this magazine will no longer be added to your wish list, and all issues of it that are on your wish list will be removed.

If you follow the “E-mail notification options” link, focus will go to the “Update account settings” page, the same one you visit to change your email address or add a purchased player. You'll find two new combo boxes on this page: “Always remove magazine issues that have been on my wish list for more than a year,” and “Alert me by e-mail when new issues of subscribed magazines are available.” To change either of these settings, open the relevant combo box and choose Yes or No.

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