Editor of Audio Books (AZ1A)

Editor of Audio Books

Volunteer Editors assist the Studio Manager in the post-production of audio books.


  • Able to learn editing software.
  • A good ear and eye for reviewing voice tracks.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to block out background noise.


  • Uses software (LCM/Soundforge or other available software) to edit high-quality books on tape.
  • Edits extraneous and background noise
  • Adds or delete pauses.
  • Provides feedback to Studio Director on production.

One-hour training provided by the studio manager, who will be available for additional assistance or as needed.

Time Commitment
If editing is done in-studio, requirement is minimum two hours per week for a three month commitment. If editing is done off site, requirement is the completion of a book project.

Studio Director assigns and oversees projects.

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