Director of Recording (AZ1A)

Director of Recording

The director controls all technical operations during a recording session, thus allowing the reader to devote full attention and effort to the task of reading.


  1. Working with the reader to achieve a recording of high artistic and technical quality.
  2. Ensuring the sound track is free from audible noise.
  3. Ensuring that the text is accurately narrated and all edits are clean and undetectable.
  4. Ensuring that the segments of sound track with corrections to the recorded text are acoustically identical to the rest of the recording.


  • good vision and hearing
  • good ear-eye-hand coordination
  • ability to learn to operate the recording equipment correctly and sufficient dexterity to perform those operations
  • ability to work well with others and to accept critiques from the narrator, reviewer, studio manager and volunteer manager
  • an artistic sense for the spoken language and the ability to work with problems related to translating printed text to spoken communication
  • fluency in the language in which the text is printed
  • ability to use dictionaries and other reference sources


  • observation of working team in the studio
  • minimum of two 2-hour practice sessions in the studio
  • listening to a minimum of two AZC recorded books

Recording commitment two hours, once a week at the same time each week for a minimum of six months.

The director works under the supervision of the studio manager, who assigns tasks, sets priorities, and provides guidance on matters of studio policy.

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