Digital Accessibility Resources

2014 NLS Conference, Oklahoma City: Digital Accessibility: What Is It and Why You Should Care
Presenter: Mike Marlin, Regional Librarian, California Talking Book and Braille Library
Presenter: Debbi MacLeod, Regional Librarian, Colorado Talking Book and Braille Library

ALA Resolutions (Council Documents 51 and 52):
ASCLA Think Accessible:
Daisy Consortium:
ALA Ebook Business Model Scorecard:
Digital Accessibility Center Deque Company:
Digital Public Library of America
Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure
HathiTrust Settlement articles and information:

IFLA Manifesto:

Intellectual Property Watch:
International Digital Publishing Forum:
Internet Archive:
Open Library:
National Center for Accessible Media:
National Information Standards Organization:
Reading Rights Coalition:
Section 508:
Technology Bill of Rights for the Blind Act of 2010:
TCVAA: Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010:
Universal Design:
W3C: World Wide Web Consortium:
World Intellectual Property Organization:

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