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-===== CUL Officers & Library Directors 2012-2013 =====+===== CUL Officers & Library Directors 2017 =====
 \\ \\
-**CUL Officers**\\+**Governance:** The CUL Administrative Council is comprised of one voting representative from each of the CUL member libraries. Decisions concerning software modifications and enhancements, new function modules, finances, new and ongoing memberships, dues structure, etc. are among the topics discussed at the annual CUL meeting. The Executive Committee is made up of the directors of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and a representative from the New Jersey State Library.  
 +**CUL Executive Committee**\\
 **__Chair__**\\ **__Chair__**\\
 +**Sue Chinault**\\
 +Michigan [MI1A]\\
 +**__Vice Chair__**\\
 **Adam Szczepaniak**\\ **Adam Szczepaniak**\\
 New Jersey [NJ1A]\\ New Jersey [NJ1A]\\
-**__Vice Chair__**\\ 
-**Randy Landgrebe**\\ 
-Iowa [IA1A]\\ 
 **__Secretary__**\\ **__Secretary__**\\
-**Chris Boynton**\\ +**Gordon Reddick**\\ 
-Maine [ME1A]\\ +Connecticut [CT1A]\\
 **__Treasurer__**\\ **__Treasurer__**\\
-**Kathi Kappel**\\+**Don Ciccone**\\
 Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) [PA2A]\\ Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) [PA2A]\\
 **CUL Library Directors** **CUL Library Directors**
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 chrboynton@mestate.lib.me.us\\ chrboynton@mestate.lib.me.us\\
-**Kathi Kappel**\\+**Mark Lee**\\
 Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) [PA2A]\\ Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) [PA2A]\\
 **Keri Wilkins**\\ **Keri Wilkins**\\
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 Connecticut [CT1A]\\ Connecticut [CT1A]\\
 gordon.reddick@ct.gov\\ gordon.reddick@ct.gov\\
-**Randy Landgrebe** (2013-2014 Chair Elect)\\ 
-Iowa [IA1A]\\ 
 **Sue Chinault**\\ **Sue Chinault**\\
 Michigan [MI1A]\\ Michigan [MI1A]\\
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