Conference Chairs Meeting, September 18, 2013

Recorded by: Randy Landgrebe

NLS Staff Present:

Isabella Marques de Castilla, Deputy Director
Steve Prine, Acting Chief, Network Division
John Bryant, Head, Production Control Division
John Brown, Head, Engineering Section
Jane Caulton, Head, Publications & Media Section
Michael Martys, Automation Officer
Margaret Goergen Rood, Assistant Head, Quality Assurance Section
Vickie Collins, Network Consultant
Pamela Davenport, Network Consultant

Network Chairs:

Debbi MacLeod, Western Conference
Craig Hayward, Southern Conference
Randy Landgrebe (for Sharon Ruda), Midlands Conference
Adam Szczepaniak, Northern Conference

NLS Updates

Question from NLS: How are network libraries using the book cards included with new books? Is there still a need for them?

Chairs' Response: Alerting RAs of new books, etc., stack staff, collection development staff, and catalogers pass information on to other staff persons from the cards, and use them in other ways. Also, new book alerts, and reissue notices.

Steve Prine reported that NLS may do a wider survey to get a bigger picture of how the book cards are being used by the network…

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Western: Is there a “timeline” for local materials appearing on BARD?

NLS Response: There is a pilot underway with Mulitstate and several libraries. Chris Munday is testing workflow, and test books have been received. Margie: there is no set time for when local materials will appear. Still testing…

Is there was a way to provide vendor information for cartridge print labels and Braille overlay labels?

NLS Response: NLS is working on a contract for print labels and can provide that information. The Braille labels will require some research as the vendor is out of business/ retired? NLS has more than adequate stock of Braille labels.

(From a smaller library) - Can the CMLS list which is sent via FedEx weekly to the library be scanned and emailed instead of FedEx shipped?

NLS Response: Recorder didn’t hear an answer to this question.

I have a patron who subscribed to The Week and started to receive The Economist. She ended canceling The Week in July, but it still receiving The Economist as most recently as 9/12/2013. She is not setup for either The Week or Economist in CMLS. She doesn’t want to receive The Economist

NLS Response: Sounds like the primary subscription (The Week) was cancelled and the patron is now, still, receiving the bonus magazine, The Economist. Contact Michael Martys with CMLS ID. He will stop the subscription.

  • General discussion of bonus magazines led to a consensus among chairs present that the bonus magazine inclusion on a cartridge may be confusing already somewhat confused magazine subscribers. Maybe an announcement of available magazines would be more beneficial. NLS commented on their issue (problem) of magazines that cease publication and how or what to replace the ceased publications with.

Western: Magazine delinquency rates have shot up rapidly as TBT is due and now showing up as late. Solutions?

NLS Response: Cost analysis is underway regarding the best way to handle this. Available funds will ultimately determine the solution of how TBT is distributed.

Any idea of when DB recall numbers for 2014 will be known?

NLS Response: NLS is still looking at the results of the 2013 recall. Some libraries have not participated in the recall which ends September 30, 2013. This is having an impact on the process in place. 2014 numbers are being compiled, but NLS is trying to figure out what (why?) libraries who haven’t participated in the recall have done or not done.

Western: Thank you for the YouTube version of the recent webinar.

NLS Response: NLS noted that future webinars would be improved by the use of a better camera(s) and other technology.

Western: Will the icon for the mobile BARD app be available to network libraries? Will there be a press release when the app is accepted

NLS Response: Jane Caulton said, yes, when the app is accepted NLS will publish a press release. Also, Apple has use guidelines regarding icons and there is work to be finished in that area. When that is all worked out, NLS will send the icon out to the network, with guidelines for use.

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