Conference Chairs Meeting, November 19, 2014

Recorded by: Sharon Ruda

NLS Staff Present:

Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Steve Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division
Vickie Collins, Head, Network Services Section
Meredith Beckhardt, Head, Reference Section
Paula Bahmani,

Network Chairs:

Sharon Ruda, Midlands Conference
Adam Szczepaniak, Northern Conference
Barbara Penegor, Southern Conference (for Craig Hayward)
Debbi MacLeod, Western Conference

NLS Updates: Richard Smith suggested that librarians post additional questions to LBPH before the next weeks call. Federal government is still under continuing resolution.

Thanks to the new reporting system, all of the network libraries sent in the statistics in a timely fashion so information will be up on the web site in a couple of months (instead of the years delay in the past).

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Northern: Updates on blank cartridges – What is the schedule?

NLS Response: Distribution has been pushed back to April, working on final distribution numbers to libraries.

Northern: Update on Android – Is there a schedule yet?

NLS Response: By the end of December, beta testing will begin with non-NLS individuals.

Southern: Recall numbers – Is there a firm number for recall yet?

NLS Response: It hasn’t been finalized but will be less than original number.

Southern: Non-NLS braille books XESS – Can a school ship books to the same address as NLS books?

NLS Response: It should be a local decision as to where to send the books. NLS will double check but they believe only NLS books can be sent through the braille XESS process.
Southern: WebReads transition – Is there a schedule of libraries to be followed in the transition process?

NLS Response: Libraries will be involved per a list from NLS. Those libraries will be asked to complete transition by February.

Western: What’s status of DTBM battery testers for repair groups and technicians?

NLS Response: John Brown from engineering will answer next week at the monthly call.

Western: What’s status of national outreach campaign?

NLS Response: Jane said each region will report on it for the committee. She will talk about it at the next meeting.
Midlands: What is the status of delivery of currency reader?

NLS Response: NLS hopes to start shipping currency readers in December. About 11,000 NLS patrons have them on order. MSC will send them out. PIMMS record will show when they have been sent to the patrons. Libraries can check for patron if unit not received, will know if there is a mailing problem and resend. Readers may get caught up in the holiday mail glut.

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