Conference Chairs Meeting, June 18, 2014

Recorded by: Debbi MacLeod

NLS Staff Present:

Isabella de Machesa, Deputy Director
Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Steve Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division
Michael Martys, Automation Officer
Vickie Collins, Head, Network Services Section
Meredith Beckhardt, Head, Reference Section
Jane Caulton, Head, Publications and Media Section
Pamela Davenport, Network Consultant

Network Chairs:

Sharon Ruda, Midlands Conference
Adam Szczepaniak, Northern Conference
Barbara Penegor, Southern Conference (for Craig Hayward)
Debbi MacLeod, Western Conference

NLS Updates:

TBT change generated more comments so working on how to proceed. Going back to categories is not the answer at this time.

Had a problem on the Survey Monkey data collection for the magazine survey. Calling libraries directly to get the data sent directly to her. Wants the results to really reflect what was originally sent.

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Northern: Are there now plans in place for distribution of the blank cartridges?

NLS Response: No, quantity to purchase will depend on amount of $ left at year end.

Northern: Recycling cassette books – anything new?

NLS Response: There is nothing new and shouldn’t be doing any recycling. July for new contract.

Southern: Recycling batteries – new operations alert.

Northern: Beta testing for the Android app?

NLS Response: They are finalizing the list of beta testers. Version will not have the braille capabilities in it. Gearing up for the next beta test on the iOS app refresh.

Northern: Is there a way to tell how many titles in BARD are not distributed in cartridges?

NLS Response: To get the answer send Mike Martys the question and he can get the information from the 3 computers that have it.

All: Suggested that the information be put out in either an operations alert or on LBPH. Information is good to justify purchase cartridges.

Reminder: NLS phone forum June 25th.

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