Conference Chairs Meeting, June 17, 2015

Recorded by: Shellie Zeigler

NLS Staff Present:
Karen Kenninger, Director
Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Steve Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division
Vickie Collins, Head, Network Services Section
MaryBeth Wise, Network Consultant

Network Chairs:

Susan Westin, Western Conference (not present)
Shellie Zeigler, Southern Conference
Will Reed, Midlands Conference
Kim Charlson, Northern Conference

NLS Updates:

This phone call with the four Chairs will be a week prior to the national phone call every month to help NLS determine who they will need from NLS at the national call to answer all questions and concerns.

If a Chair cannot attend a call one month, it would be ideal if that person would have someone attend the call in their place.

If the call falls on the day before Thanksgiving, the call will not occur that month.

The Regional Conferences just occurred and all went well at those two events.

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Southern: Would it be possible to have a generic BARD demonstration database with passwords available for public libraries. This would only be used for the promotion of the service.

NLS Response: Public Libraries can sign up now to have a BARD account and demonstrate the service. But it’s a personalized user name and password.

Northern: Will there be a press release about the Library of the year award?

NLS Response: Yes. It will be coming out on Monday.

Northern: It would be good if there was someone at the teleconference call next week that can talk about the Android App for BARD Mobile. There will probably be some questions/comments about that.

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