Conference Chairs Meeting, July 23, 2015 (Rescheduled from July 22, 2015)

Recorded by: Will Reed

NLS Staff Present:

Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Steve Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division
Vickie Collins, Head, Network Services Section
Pamela Davenport, Network Consultant
MaryBeth Wise, Network Consultant

Network Chairs:

Susan Westin, Western Conference
Shellie Zeigler, Southern Conference
Will Reed, Midlands Conference
Kim Charlson, Northern Conference (not present)

NLS Updates: At next week’s teleconference forum, NLS will be discussing Recall, and the Contractor having difficulties with cartridges being sent back.

NLS requested information regarding the 2017 Regional Conference meetings. Midlands has invited the Northern Conference to join together for a conference. The Southern Conference has accepted the Western Conference’s invitation, and the conference will take place in New Mexico. The conference dates have not been finalized.

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Joint Conference Concern: As many regional libraries are budgeting for 2016, there has been much discussion regarding the upcoming NLS Biennial Conference. Discussions have centered on the high costs to physically attend the conference; the length of the conference and its effect on costs; how costs are affecting libraries from sending staff to attend; and whether NLS is making accommodations for remote access for those who cannot physically attend.

For the teleconference call next Wednesday:

  1. Can NLS acknowledge the network’s concern about conference costs, and consider addressing the network on the process of selecting a conference host site, and how they considered conference costs when selecting a location?
  2. Can NLS discuss if they plan to offer any remote access to the conference presentations or any options for those who cannot physically attend?
  3. Can NLS discuss any options that they are considering that may be helpful for conference attendees to help reduce costs of attending?

For future biennial conference planning:

  1. Has NLS considered shortening the length of the conference? What concerns does NLS have with respect to shortening the length of the conference?
  2. If a shorter conference is not an option, can NLS consider implementing a hybrid conference schedule of offering traditional conference NLS and regional presentations, and an unconference-style track of sessions?
  3. If remote access is not an option, can NLS offer a method for those who cannot physically attend conference to get access to NLS and network presentations?
  4. Are regional conference representatives involved with the biennial conference team? If not, can NLS consider allowing regional conference chairs to be included in an advisory role?

NLS Response: Thank you for submitting these questions and concerns. They will address these at next week’s conference call.

Midlands: Can NLS provide the new Chairs with a current roster of ad hoc committee members and their terms?

NLS Response: NLS will ask for that information and will send to the Chairs.

Midlands: Patron demand for the new Harper Lee book “Go Set a Watchman” is very high. For the next conference call, can NLS offer an update on when the audiobook may be available?

NLS Response: NLS will try to get an update.

Midlands: For the next conference call, can NLS offer an update on containers and labels for peach cartridges?

NLS Response: Stock is out and they are investigating purchasing additional stock. They will provide an update at the national conference call.

Midlands: With the development of WEB-READS, does NLS feel that medium and larger circulating libraries could ever migrate and use it as their automation system?

NLS Response: No. WEB-READS is not an alternative to other commercial automation systems. WEB-READS is a basic system and does not have the options that can be obtained from commercial systems like CUL or KLAS.

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