Conference Chairs Meeting, January 22, 2014

Recorded by: Debbi MacLeod

NLS Staff Present:

Karen Kenninger, Director
Steve Prine, Acting Chief, Network Division
Michael Katzmann, Chief, Materials Development Division
Ed O’Reily, Head, Collection Development Section
Jane Caulton, Head, Publications & Media Section
Michael Martys, Automation Officer
Vickie Collins, Network Consultant
Pam Davenport, Network Consultant
Mary Beth Wise, Network Consultant

Network Chairs:

Debbi MacLeod, Western Conference
Craig Hayward, Southern Conference
Sharon Ruda, Midlands Conference
Adam Szczepaniak, (snow day) Northern Conference

NLS Updates
Vickie’s promotion to Network Services Chief and Pam & MaryBeth will be covering the 4 regions.

From all chairpersons: Congratulations to Vickie

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Western: A patron expressed some concerns about the NLS’s handling of series being converted from analog-to-digital (essentially, he questioned the fact that some series conversions are not being released in consecutive order; additionally, he had attempted to address his concerns directly to the NLS but reportedly received little in the way of response).

NLS Response: We are cognizant of patron series requests, are trying to fill in the gaps. They are addressing the issues – it is a high priority. Problems come up when tapes are not suitable for conversion. They try to find a useable alternative or commission a new recording. There are 800 series. New book trade is producing more series. If there are particular series, please email Ed O’Reilly and copy the network consultants.

Western: I have been trying for months to get enough mailing cards to dispose of all our XESS RCs. They act like they are made of gold. I’ve emailed both Pam Davenport and Steve Prine several times, but get no response. Would you mind asking the status of them? We have over 3000 waiting to be returned.

NLS Response: Cards are sent when books are put into the Xess system and then are approved for disposal. This keeps the flow of books on an even stream for the contractor who is disposing the books.

Western: I have been told that when ordering new digital players online, libraries are being told that they are not available. Can we ask NLS for more details? Unless NLS has posted this information and among others I have overlooked it.

NLS Response: Digital players are available. NLS cannot figure out why the catalog says “out of stock”. They are in stock and simply order and the multi-states are happy to send machines.

Western: Any progress on the battery reconditioned machine? (sorry do not the official name for it).

NLS Response: IQ 5 Battery analyzer for the C1 batteries will be adapted for the digital batteries. An adaptor is in QA and they will be sent to the field when they pass QA which is expected within the month. There are not enough adaptors for every library to have many so the quota will probably be 2-3 adaptors per group.

Midlands: Committees – What is the term? 2 years with 1 meeting or 2 meetings and 4 years?

NLS Response: Karen there will probably be a move to an annual conference call for meetings and so can stick with the two year term.

Midlands: Is there a reason that no one was informed about the survey that went into the field?

NLS Response: Jane – it was not a survey; it was a focus group in DC area. Public Education group was informed to communicate to the network. Also Reingold conducted 25 interviews for those who did not use the service. Karen apologies for the confusion on this issue. Reingold will be presenting on their plans and results and we will get an update.

Southern: NLS national conference, conference rate? Other registration information? Can you please include a blurb on why this is important?

NLS Response: MaryBeth – hotel costs $109/night. By mid-February the registration & draft agenda site will be up. If you need a general agenda, or other information before that, please contact Mary Beth Wise

Southern: There is an issue on the difference in quality for NLS books, commercial recordings and local recordings.

NLS Response: The short answer is there are no stringent requirements for local recording. They will address this in a more comprehensive way at next week’s conference call.

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