Conference Chairs Meeting, February 18, 2015

Recorded by: Debbi MacLeod

NLS Staff Present:

Karen Kenninger, Director
Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Vickie Collins, Chief, Network Services Section
Michael Katzman, Chief, Materials Development Section
John Brown, Head, Engineering Section
Jane Caulton, Head, Publications & Media
MaryBeth Wise, Network Consultant
Paula Bamaini,

Network Chairs:

Debbi MacLeod, Western Conference
Craig Hayward, Southern Conference
Sharon Ruda, Midlands Conference (excused)
Marilyn Stevenson, Northern Conference (for Adam Szczepaniak)

NLS Updates:

Getting Xess cards and continuing the process.

Expecting 4 GB peach cartridges to arrive in April. Network libraries can order through the WOW system order by the box – 300/box.

NLS had some patrons calling asking if they have to return C1 players – NLS has not authorized a recall of C1’s – patrons can keep their players – ILL for RC’s still available from multi-state. Only request ILL’s for RC’s that are not available on cartridge.

If C1’s are sitting around as dead weight, patrons can send back.

Conference Chair Questions and Issues:

Western: Can you give us an update on PIMMS?

NLS Response: Still working with READS libraries and are behind due to some issues that arisen. Keystone is also behind. So the schedule is shifted out.

Western: The cataloging code BIOEAN stands for what?

NLS Response: Biography & Entertainment (not including musicians)

Additional codes are:

  • BIOLAN biography of authors
  • BIOSAN biography of heads of state, statesmen, politicians
  • BIOMAN biography of musicians
  • BIOBAN biography of persons with disabilities
  • ROMHAF for Historical romance
  • ROMSAF for Romantic suspense
  • ROMPAF for Paranormal romance
  • MYSHAF for Historical mysteries

Western: We are getting more and more recycled cartridges coming in as new books and they have been having “cartridge error” frequently. Can NLS clarify what they want us to do with these? We’d worry that if we send them back as part of recall they will just come back again with a new book and another error.

NLS Response: They are eligible for warranty repair. Send them back to the producer. All cartridges should be tested before they leave the producer so they should not have a problem.

Western: Should we handle “cartridge error” and “book error” books differently?

NLS Response: Can’t really tell what the problem is based on error message. Reset machine and try again – if still getting an error send back to producer as in answer above.

Western: Will NLS be making all DBC and BRC records available to the Network (for KLAS or some other process)?

NLS Response: NLS makes MARC records for DBC titles available for input into your systems. They are not included in the marc record download.

Northern: What is reason the android app has not been released.

NLS Response: The app delivered by the contractor was not satisfactory. NLS has had to rebuild the app over the last year. Now ready to field test the app, probably starting next week. Anticipate a month of field testing, a month of fixing bugs and then release. Have enough field testers, so don’t need any more.

Northern: RC & mailing containers that are damaged – how do we send them back?

NLS Response: Recycle locally

Northern: What is nature of contract between NLS & Reingold.

NLS Response: Jane – Reingold was hired to do a public education campaign. Working to find organizations that will work with NLS who will help to create partnerships and circulate information about NLS. The conference website has the plan – 3 fold plan and will be talked about at next week’s call.

  1. Strategic initiative at national level will include online tech, social media, and developing a micro site on NLS website, will include a video with 8 patrons - That all May Read is going to be used.
  2. Branding NLS updating materials new logo braille 7 talking book brand
  3. Partnership plan – Reingold establishing a database to include those who also work in this community and could be potential partners.

NLS is also creating a toolkit for network libraries to use at state level.

Northern: According to Braille Authority, 2015 is to be the instructional year on UEB. Where can we get training for our patrons?

NLS Response: NLS will provide handouts that network libraries can give to braille readers. 2015 is a year for contractors and transcribers to adjust. Readers will probably not have too much trouble adjusting. Summary of changes will be included in BBR.

Southern: Can we box up RC’s like the DB recall?

NLS Response: Richard will look into this issue.

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