Conference Chairs Meeting, April 2013

NLS Staff Present:

Karen Keninger, Director
Isabella Marques de Castilla, Deputy Director
Pamela Davenport, Network Consultant
MaryBeth Wise, Network Consultant\

Network Chairs:

Danielle Miller, Western Conference
Barbara Penegor, Southern Conference
Catherine Durivage, Midlands Conference
Kathi Kappel, Northern Conference

NLS Updates:
Deputy Director: Isabella Marques De Castilla comes to NLS after serving in Library of Congress Library Services since 2003. She is very excited to serve our patrons and looks forward to meeting those in the network and learning as much as possible. Operations Alert coming soon.

Conferences coming up; Karen and NLS staff will attend Tri-Regional Conference in Pittsburgh and Western Conference in Salem, Oregon. MaryBeth will talk to network members about ideas for programs for 2014 NLS conference.

Digital magazines:

  • Suggestion for NLS to create a postcard for overdue magazines cartridges
  • Suggestion to alter wording on mag cartridge announcements to clarify magazine subscription, not talking book service, may be affected by late returns. Also change or eliminate “read at your own pace” which conflicts with due dates.
  • The few institutions that received digital mags have been addressed so they no longer will receive them.
  • Inmates at prisons with individual accounts should receive digital mags if they have a player and were registered for cassette mags. Notify Mike Martys of problem.
  • When can we forgive lost cartridges? It is under construction.
  • Libraries have experienced many mag cancellations as digital mags require more active participation than cassettes. It does not appear to affect book circulation.


  • Not all shipments sent to Foresight are listed as received and no record of shipment notification. There have been some delays; John Bryant is looking into it.


  • NLS experienced cut of 2.5 million due to sequestration. Libraries are ordering fewer copies of books in copy allotment; it is hoped this will help budget. There will be some delay in development. Reductions spread over a span of 2 years.
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