Conference Chairs Meeting, January 20, 2016, 2:30pm

Recorded by: Will Reed

NLS Staff Present:

Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division
Vickie Collins, Head, Network Services Section
Steve Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

Network Chairs:
Will Reed, Midlands Conference
Shellie Zeigler, Southern Conference
Susan Westin, Western Conference
Kim Charlson, Northern Conference

Conference Chair Questions and Discussion Points:

Will: Back in October, NLS asked Chairs to get feedback from their conference regarding the small number of questions being asked during the national forum phone call. NLS was concerned that the network was hesitant to go on record asking questions. From the Midlands members who responded:

  • Overall, there is no feeling from Midlands that anyone is hesitant to ask questions because of going on record.
  • Overwhelmingly, Midlands wants NLS to provide a record of the monthly national forum calls.

More feedback on the small number of questions being asked include:

  • NLS vs. Network expectations for the national monthly forum call.
  • Questions are being asked but not always being answered by NLS.
  • Same questions being asked over and over.
  • People feel like they are in the ‘hot seat’.

Will: Discussion on the purpose of the monthly Conference Chairs meetings.

Under the current format:

  • Do we need to meet monthly if our only business is to forward network questions for the monthly national forum call?
  • Can we push meetings forward or schedule as needed if there is no Chair or NLS business to discuss?

Questions and requests from the network for the next national conference monthly call can be emailed to NLS.

Will: Discussion on how the Conference Chairs meeting minutes should be about the Conference Chairs meeting business, not a record for responses to the national forum call.

  • The Conference Chairs meeting minutes should reflect the discussion points that ensued during our meeting with NLS.
  • A record of network questions submitted to NLS for the national monthly conference forum will be included as part of the Chair minutes.
  • Responses from NLS during the national monthly conference forum in response to network questions forwarded during the Chairs meeting will not be recorded as part of the Chairs meeting minutes.

Questions for the NLS monthly telephone forum:

Midlands: Will there be any provisions made to listen to programs from the conference for those who cannot travel to San Francisco? Will there be any access to conference program content other than attending in person?

Western: An update on distribution of transparent mailing containers would be appreciated.

Western/Southern: Status of the action item of “NLS will provide some phrasing” for regional librarians to use in justifying the lodging costs for the 2016 Biennial in San Francisco. At one time NLS stated they would provide some phrasing for regional librarians to help justify the San Francisco 2016 Biennial lodging costs. Any progress on this?

Southern: When can libraries expect to see delivery of the clear containers for the peach cartridges?

Southern: Any news on shipping XESS Braille overseas?

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