Commercially-Available Players that Will Play Cartridges

This list was last updated in August of 2013:

Player: APEX BrailleNote Manufacturer: Humanware 800-722-3393

Player: Book Port DT Player: Book Port Plus Manufacturer: American Printing House for the Blind (APH) 800-223-1839

Player: HIMS Book Sense Player: HIMS Book Sense XT Player HIMS Sense Notetaker (Also known as Voice Sense) Manufacturer: HIMS 888-520-4467

Player: Plextalk PTN2 Manufacturer: Plextor (Plextalk) (no direct sales) Distributors: EnableMart: 888-640-1999 Independent Living Aids: 800-537-2118 Innovative Rehabilitation Technology, Inc (IRTI): 800-322-4784 LS&S: 800-468-4789 Maxi-Aids: 800-522-6294

Player: Victor Reader Stratus Player: Victor Reader Stream Manufacturer: Humanware 800-722-3393

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