From Alfred Vazquez, Senior Technician - Machine Lending Agency Braille Institute Library Services: The recovery of digital talking book machines which exhibit charging problems has been a constant process for our Machine Lending Agency. These problems can range from faulty battery announcements to players' inability to charge their own batteries. In particular, digital machines with low serial numbers (below DS1-0064603 and DA1- 0024537) are missing the enhanced charging circuit present in later high numbered players, so they are unable to charge a severely discharged battery.

To recover these machines, we follow the steps outlined in Machines & Accessories no. 10-05. We remove the battery from a low numbered digital player and place it into a high numbered player. This second device is plugged into an AC outlet and allowed to charge for 2 to 6 hours. Once a full charge is attained, the battery is removed and placed back into the low numbered player. The low number player is then powered on by entering the Technician Level Menu. We select the Battery menu and choose the option “Replace with a Full Battery”.

Following the steps in the NLS report will normally result in a charged, viable digital player. If it does not, however, it still allows us to identify the origin of the problem: battery or player.

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